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5 Benefits of Brown Sugar for Health

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5 Benefits of Brown Sugar for Health

Brown sugar is one of the sweetener choices commonly used to enhance the taste in food or drink. This brown sugar is one of the natural sweeteners which is quite popular in Indonesia. Natural sweetener created from coconut palm juice.

Nira itself is a liquid that is removed from the tree flowers from the palm family like coconut, sugar palm, and siwalan. Behind the distinctive sweetness, it turns out that not a few benefits of brown sugar that is not yet known by some people. Yes, the sugar is relied upon to contain a number of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs.

Following this, there are many sources of use for brown sugar that turns out to be good for body health. Therefore, you should not hesitate to change the sweetener of your food or drink with this brown sugar.

Nutrient Content in Brown Sugar
Some studies recite that in brown sugar there are a number of contents like vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, a number of phytonutrients, polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanidins.

Not only that, brown sugar is also relied upon to contain as many different nutrients as vitamin B inositol which can help feelings and create a more powerful and stamina body.

Now, with a number of nutritional content that is in this brown sugar, it is not surprising that brown sugar has a myriad of uses for health.

Can Relieve Menstrual Pain

For each woman, each month must feel that the name comes menstruation or menstruation. Not infrequently menstruation makes a number of women feel the most intense pain. Well, in order to relieve pain during menstruation, you can use this brown sugar.

How to relieve menstrual pain with brown sugar is to consume not much whole brown sugar then proceed with adequate sleep. Slowly, this menstrual pain will decrease.

So that menstrual pain quickly subsides, you can make a whip from brown sugar and turmeric. The trick, grated turmeric two rhizomes, squeeze, and mix with one glass of water. Cook water together with 20 grams of brown sugar until it boils. Wait for the starch from turmeric to settle, then drink this concoction of turmeric and brown sugar.

Overcoming Digestion Problems

To find a healthy digestive system, try to change the sugar in drinks or daily food with this brown sugar. This method is quite helpful for you to find a healthy and well-maintained digestive system.

Prevent and Treat Acne

If you have problems with stubborn pimples that are difficult to overcome, you can use brown sugar as a mask or take it regularly every day.

Some of the nutrients contained in brown sugar are very reliable able to cope with and ward off the appearance of zits on the face or body.

Prevents anemia

As explained above, if brown sugar has a good iron content. Therefore, reliable brown sugar can overcome the problem of not enough blood or anemia.

You can consume this brown sugar at least 1 gram each day so that it helps you to find a healthy body and away from anemia problems.

Preventing Asthma

In a number of studies suggest that asthma sufferers consume natural brown sugar to cope with the pain. Anti-allergic properties in brown sugar is one of the main propositions why brown sugar is said to prevent and even cure asthma.