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5 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tips

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Beginner’s advice in Brazilian jiu jitsu

As a beginner in Brazilian jiu jitsu, I found it a little intimidating not knowing what to do with beginner tips when the opponent “wrapped” his legs around my waist (I knew later that it was called the guard closed).

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Being in physical contact with the opponent unlike other combat sports may seem a little odd

Not to mention the guy who sweats you on !!

I did not know that this sport would gradually become a passion!

The JJB intrigued you, you may have even done some workouts.

Good! Well here is a small list of tips to help you better in your debut if like me you ask a lot of questions:

1 – Ask for explanations!

Dare to ask several times if necessary to your teacher rather than perform badly and so take bad habits.

JJB is a physically demanding sport, but reflection and understanding have a place of the highest order

"Jiu-jitsu is easy, everyone can make an arm key or a triangle ... but understanding the mechanisms of jiu-jitsu is something else" - Zé Radiola

Ask and concentrate on the execution!

2 – Do not become addicted to YOUTUBE

One may be tempted to spend a lot of time on Youtube to find the secret technique that will allow us to submit the buddies. This can be counterproductive and waste a lot of time

It is a good complement for the open mind and review the techniques learned in class. But as a beginner, working and retaining the techniques seen in training is already difficult enough to let “pollute” the mind with hundreds of movements seen on the internet. Which only adds to the confusion.

3 – Leave your ego at the door of the room

Assume that you know less than most of the training partners on the tatami!

No one, even the greatest champions can say they have “mastered” Jiu Jitsu to the point that they have nothing to learn. It’s the beauty of this sport, you learn throughout his Jiujitsuka career.

You can do 100kg or be a Thai boxing champion, the first months of training you will be wandering from one corner to another of the carpet by the majority of practitioners.

This will not make you a less good person, on the contrary, if you persist, it will show that you have a healthy ego and a good mind with the desire to learn!

"Always enter the room like a kitten and go out like a lion, NEVER go in like a lion and go out like a kitten, always be humble" Carlson GRACE

4- Tap Quickly

A common mistake of beginners is not to learn to tao quickly. If you are in a submission and feel that you can not go out, TAP!
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Beginners often try to get away from it any cost by pride (see above the ego). And that can sometimes lead to a stupid injury that will deprive you of training for a long time.

With more experience you will know in a split second when you are caught. In the meantime if you are caught on a key or a strangulation, no problem, we tap, we learn and we start again!

5- Do your “homework”

There is nothing more frustrating, I imagine, for a teacher than to go to great lengths to teach a technique with a ton of details and a few days later realize that the student has forgotten everything!

We all have busy lives and it is true that sometimes, when we arrive at the training we have no idea of ​​the technique seen during the last session!

To overcome this, a good thing to do is to review the technique in his head (visualization) after training before bedtime.

Filming the teacher’s explanations (with his permission) can also help you, you will watch the video 1 or 2 times just before going to the next training to refresh your memory.