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Bromo Ijen Tour Package Offers Places to Visit around Ijen

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Bromo Ijen Tour Package Offers Places to Visit around Ijen . Located in Banyuwangi, Ijen has been known worldwide. Many people are coming from other nations to witness the magnificent, magical blue fire. Even though the sulfuric gases might be threatening, it does not hinder visitors to see the eternal fire. There are two options whenever you decide to visit Mount Ijen. Whether or not you use Bromo Ijen tour package, this place is worth visiting. However, it is much recommended to join a tour especially if this is your first visit. The tour guide will take you to the blue fire safely. But, wait! Where to go after accomplishing blue fire mission? Check out these alternative places.

Visit Bromo Ijen

Aside from Ijen crater that offers eternal electric blue fire, there are some other amazing places to complete your journey. Bromo Ijen tour package will take you to some optional destinations including Sritanjung Park, Plengkung beach and Anyar village waterfall. In these mentioned places, there are various attractions to enjoy. Sritanjung Park for instance, pleases your eyes with colorful flowers. This is so refreshing after thrilling adventure to the crater. Or else, Plengkung beach which is located around 12 km from Ijen crater will be best alternative destination for surfer. Known to have one of the best waves, this beach is worth visiting.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package Offers Places to Visit around Ijen

Another place to escape in around Ijen crater is Anyar waterfall. This destination is located in Glagah district. You will find three waterfalls in the locations. The tree different waterfalls are called as Jagir, Sumber Pawon and Bidadari. The refreshing atmosphere combined with beautiful scenery will surely leave unforgettable memory in your mind. In chance you love to learn culture, Taman Sari is recommended place to go. You will see the unique culture. If you are lucky, you can spot summer festival. Contact your Bromo Ijen tour package agent to get the best time to go.