Situs Teknologi Update Terlengkap Masa Kini

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The construction of the Nurburgring track began in 1925 and was completed in 1927. The track is located in the German mountains of Eifel, which includes the town and castle of Nurburg, and is recognized as one of the most sought after tracks in the world. In the late 60s, the 20.8km race track was nicknamed “Green Hell” by Jackie Stewart due to its challenging track. The Nikki Lauda accident in 1976 underscored the need for safer regulations to ensure driver safety. Therefore, the new construction began in 1981 and the updated Nürburgring racing circuit that meets the highest safety standards was completed in 1984. Today, the Nurburgring racing circuit has become a benchmark for car performance. Many car magazines and car enthusiasts regularly update [&hellip

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