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Seva Mobil Bekas : 6 Parts That Must Be Checked for Details When Buying a Used Car


Car engine condition is often considered important when you conclude buying a used car. Even so, that does not mean the exterior and interior of the car is not urgent to be ignored when buying a used car. Not only so that the car appears more attractive, it turns out that the situation is good and the exterior and interior of the car can be an important marker of the destruction of the engine element.

Well, for those of you who intend to buy a used car, you should not miss the following number of things so that your option car is really in top condition.

Buy a used car must see this section:

1. Pay attention to the color of the exhaust tip

Naturally, if the seller tries to wash the entire body of the car, classified the exhaust tip before offering the product to the market. The aim is none other so that prospective buyers are more interested and finally conclude to buy a used car.

When buying a used car, passing the exhaust tip turns out the situation of the car engine can be detected, you know. The trick is to start the engine and jerk the gas pedal a number of times. If necessary, do a test drive for a number of times before concluding buying a used car. Then, look back at the exhaust tip of the car.

The black color caused by soot in the exhaust is a sign of problems in the combustion chamber. This incomplete combustion can result in wasteful fuel. Another impact, car power often feels terrible.

In addition to black, oil seepage and spraying smoke show a number of bad conditions, namely wear seals on the engine, a problematic valve, or even a piston that is not maximally useful.

2. Pay attention to Carat under the Seat

Buy a used car, you also need to check the bottom of the car seat. If there is rust in the area that looks hard to clean, it could be that the car was ever flooded.

Please note, buying a used car that has been flooded will have problems in the electrical system and cause fuss in the long run. You certainly don’t want this to happen, right? So, make sure in advance by asking the car’s history directly to the previous owner. If you are still hesitant to buy a used car with the unit, it is better to look for other options.

But you need to note, if the only thing that’s broken is the car seat, maybe it’s a matter of use. You can still provide protection for car interior maintenance when you finally conclude buying a used car.

Protect the car seat so durable
When concluding buying a used car, the seat is an element that needs to be checked as well. Many affairs can make dirty and damage the car seat. Starting from falling food debris, spilled drinks, and even stepped on shoes. Things like that can make the car seat is not pleasing to the eye and cause a bad odor.

One technique to maintain your car seats after concluding buying a used car can be by changing the upholstery. The right coating can make the interior look more elegant. For those of you who have an interest in changing upholstery, when there are not a few choices of upholstery on the market, both local and imported production, from genuine leather to synthetic.

If you have assessed the upholstery material for your car’s interior, the next step is to look at the model that matches your desires, color, texture, and installation location.

In matters of installation, try the selected seat and the model implemented permanently or patent. This is to safeguard the comfort, tidiness and density of seats which are not infrequently safe. Unlike the way sarong or semi-patent, the format and texture of the seat is not quite visible authenticity.

Based on information from Ade Hikmatullah, Promotion of Total Synthetic Leather, to oversee a neat installation and fit the needs, after all the car wants to look different, need to pay attention to a number of things.

Seat Model
Step one ask for the desired seat model information. Usually the seat maker recommends a standard seat model first, but if necessary accent colors and stitches that can help your inspiration. So it is not monotonous and feels relaxed

“Also ask for a good foam density to the extent that the seat is occupied is not easily deflated. And a minimum stitch of double stitch to the point that it seems stylish and safe for long-term use,” he said.

If you need to add a combination of dotted material or spots in the middle element, circulation will occur and break the air so that it is not hot.

“It is better not to make a garson model or full of folds because it needs extra care and not a little dust attached,” he added.

Color combinations
When buying a used car and dark car interior, it is recommended to do a combination with bright colors or matched with the color of the dashboard. Minimal thread color on the stitches is matched with the color of the car body to the point that it seems harmonious.

“If you have installed a new one. Save the indigenous coatings at any time will be sold can be installed again without disturbing the market price of the car,” he concluded.

3. Pay attention to the car body

Buy a used car, You need to examine whether the car body has been repainted or even putty coated. The trick is to knock on the car body. If it doesn’t sound loud enough, it means the car has been putty.

Apart from creating the color of the car to be dull faster, the use of putty is not a good sign. Could be, the used car had felt a collision. If this happens, the situation of the car is arguably not too comfortable and safe anymore to drive. It is not possible to frighten the safety of users in the future if you buy a used car.

4. Pay attention to the Car Dashboard

Before buying a used car You also need to pay attention to whether the interior situation of the car is still smooth or there are damaged, especially on the elements of the car dashboard. If there is a dilapidated or broken, this could be an indication that the car had crashed.

5. Pay attention to the indicator lights

Buy a used car must check all parts, indicator lights are among the important parts to check when buying a used car. That needs to be done because the indicator lights are urgent information about the situation of the car. For example, there are indicator lights that explain the engine oil situation. If the sign does not work, you will have problems checking whether the amount of oil is adequate or the system is running smoothly.

The second indicator is concerned with the braking system. When this light is on, it means the hand brake has not been released or is still in a retractable situation. This can also be an indication that the brake fluid is reduced. Another function is to understand whether the seat belt and door are tightly closed.

6. Pay attention to the rubber on the door or window

Buy a used car You also need to see the rubbers of the car. the situation of the rubber surrounding the door or window element needs to be checked as well when buying a used car. Because if rubber is loose, leakage in the cabin can occur, especially if the car is driven in rainy conditions. Of course, this affair will minimize passenger comfort because the cabin gets wet. And that business can make you feel disadvantaged buying a used car.

To avoid that, consider carefully the conditions before concluding buying a used car in poor condition. If necessary, do a simple simulation to understand whether the car is free from leaks or even vice versa before buying a used car.

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