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Tips for Overcoming Lazy Children Learning and Strike Schools


Tips for Overcoming Lazy Children Learning and Strike Schools

Generally children who have just entered school once indicated their enthusiasm. However, some children may even go on strike. This can be caused by the separation anxiety from the closest person, parents, or caregivers. This symptom is known as separation anxiety. This condition often occurs in toddlers entering kindergarten. They still feel unfamiliar with their environment and need time to adapt to their new environment.

The length of the adaptation process for each child is different, depending on the child’s identity. Children who are extroverted (open and talkative), are usually quicker to adapt and pursue new friends in their class. Whereas in children who are somewhat closed (introverted) requires more time.

A different factor that causes children to strike school is that they perceive the school environment as not more comfortable and better compared at home. For example toys at the location of residence are not less than at school or children feel more free to do activities at the residence rather than at school. Unfriendly behavior from friends at school can also be a trigger for children to feel uncomfortable being in the school environment.

Then what should be done? Don’t scold and threaten kids who go on strike, huh, Mom! You have to understand the cause of children going to school. If the main problem is separation anxiety, Mama needs to work backwards slowly.

For example, if the child had not been rarely attended by Mama around the time the exercise took place, slowly reduce the dependency. Initially between children to the classroom door, then slowly only to the school gate. To do this, Mama had to get a rejection from the child before. Therefore, work slowly and be patient. Also give an explanation why Mama should leave her with friends at school.

In addition to school strikes, a different problem that arises when a new child enters school is lazy learning. Even so, the principle that Mama had to realize was that there were no ignorant children. Children who are lazy to learn can be caused by wrong parenting from their parents. Basically, children at the time of development have a great curiosity about new things that can be obtained through formal and empirical personal education. Even since he was still not old enough for one year, Mama’s child was eager to study. One of them is marked by the custom to put all kinds of objects in the mouth. This is done to understand the newly discovered objects.

Then what is the solution? Mama can start by growing the habit of reading to all family members, including parents. In addition to growing interest in reading, there are a number of tips you can work on to overcome a child who is lazy to learn:

Instill a spirit in children that learning is most important for themselves, especially in the future.

Help him by creating a conducive learning atmosphere, for example taking a good desk with sufficient illumination. Parents should not watch television during their children’s study hours or pay attention to loud music.

Accompanying him with learning is very helpful for children, especially when he has difficulty understanding lessons.

Don’t yell at the child and force him to learn. This action will only make learning work as a scourge for children and become an unpleasant activity.

Giving a gift or just a compliment when he can complete schoolwork or can learn lessons can stimulate children’s motivation.

In addition to teaching you to learn regularly so that you do not strike school, also give children time to play and socialize with different people, Mom. Don’t overload them with so many courses outside of school hours. Mama can give courses according to the wishes or needs of children and when the child feels ready.