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Want to Change Your Mobile Number on WhatsApp, Here’s How


Want to Change Your Mobile Number on WhatsApp, Here’s How

Are you a loyal WhatsApp user? If so, it turns out that this application has a number of interesting features that you can use. One of these features is Change Number.

With this feature, you can change phone numbers, with the same WhatsApp account on the smartphone. This feature is useful before you verify a new number.

Before using this feature, there are a number of things that need to be remembered and will affect a number of things, such as moving your account information (including personal data), groups, and settings from your old phone number to a new number.

Not only that, Change Number will also delete the old account. This way your old contacts will no longer be visible on your friends’ WhatsApp.

If you use this feature, chat history will continue to be on WhatsApp as long as you still use the same smartphone.

Before starting the Change Number process, first make sure you save a new number on the smartphone. This is done to be easy when receiving incoming messages during the process of changing this number.

Make sure the old phone number that you have has been verified by WhatsApp. You can confirm this by going to the WhatsApp application> Other options> Settings and clicking on your profile photo.

How to Use the Change Number Feature on WhatsApp

For the record, WhatsApp will not individually notify the contact of the change. This application will only notify you through groups that you have.

To prevent things that are not desirable, it’s good to tell friends first when you will change the WhatsApp number.

Here are the steps that you must do when you want to use the Change Number feature.

First, insert a new SIM card with a new number into your smartphone. After that, open the WhatsApp application and check whether the old phone number has been verified or not. If it has been verified, you click Other options> Settings> Account> Change Number.

Then, enter your old phone number in the top contact and enter the new phone number in the bottom contact, and click Next.

If you enable Notify Contacts, you can choose whether you want to notify All Contacts, My Contacts or Custom.

If you choose Custom, you must find and select the contact you want to be notified, then click Finish. At the same time, it will be asked to verify the new number.

Good luck.